La Pedals de Foix, Vilanova i la Geltrú

SEPTEMBER 15, 2024



Collection of numbers the same Sunday from 7am to 8:45am at the Museu del Mar (Espai Far).

Registration includes a bag with a classic cap, a jersey, a bicycle bib, biscuits, juice, 3 refreshments, two en route and one on arrival + finisher’s medal.



What is the Pedals de Foix?

Classic cycling event starting and finishing in Vilanova i la Geltrú, Garraf (Gran Penedès-Barcelona, ​​Tarragona) in the middle of autumn.

It is a March or cycling route exclusively for classic road bikes. (Regulation)
Bicycles prior to 1987, with Clip Pedals (rakes), brake wiring above the handlebar and shift levers on the frame.

You can also use bicycles with newly built frames but always with retro style and equipped with original components of the time (gearbox, handlebars, pedals, etc …).

La Marcha is a route through the Gran Penedès region in Catalonia, a territory between Barcelona and Tarragona, land of wines and cavas. On narrow roads, rural asphalt tracks with little traffic and some short stretches of easy dirt tracks between vineyards, farmhouses and wineries (it is recommended to bring your tires in good condition and inflated).

This modality of classic cycle tourism has been operating in other European countries for many years, especially in Italy and France, they have organized marches of this type for years and bring together many cyclists.

It is not a competition, on the contrary, it is a meeting-concentration to enjoy the bicycle, the landscape and make friends.

In this March it is recommended to wear clothing, footwear and helmet of the time, all to give a more classic air and return to the past.

The objective of the Pedals de Foix is ​​to promote and use the classic bicycle, sharing our territory with the participants and making their places known.


-All cyclists over 16 years of age may participate in the March.

-Cyclists will have to register to participate, they will have to have a federative license or one-day insurance that will be processed by the organization and they will be identified with a number on the bicycle.

-Bicycles (road) must be before 1987, with clip pedals (drag), brake wiring above the handlebar, gear levers on the frame. Finishing forbidden the automatic pedals.

The use of bicycles intended for other purposes such as track, tandem, postman, service, employment at work or for a walk is also allowed, with the exception of Mountain Bike (BTT), but always classic.

-It is not allowed to attend the event with bicycles that do not have the above requirements. All those who intend to violate the prohibition will be prevented from participating in the march.

-The organization will mark the circuit with arrows and will put control people in the places or detours that are deemed convenient for the proper development and safety of all participants.

-The route circulates on roads and tracks open to traffic, all signs, orders from control persons and traffic officers must be respected.

-There will be a regrouping in the refreshment area and if the organization deems it necessary, there will be a second regrouping.

-The March is not competitive, there will be no time, or a list of order of arrival.

-The organization is not responsible for events or accidents that may be generated by not respecting these rules or by another type of accident.

-The participant is responsible for the mechanics of his bicycle, bring tools and spare parts to be able to solve any puncture, setback or breakdown. (It is recommended to wear tires in good condition, over 23 and well inflated)

-The delivery of numbers will be made on Sunday from 7 am at the indicated departure place and for their collection it will be necessary to present the participant’s license or ID to verify their registration.

-The use of a helmet or chichonera is mandatory and it is recommended to wear clothing and footwear of the time, all to give a more classic air and return to the past.

-The fact of registering in the March implies the acceptance of these Regulations.

-The registered participant authorizes the organization to be able to make use of his image in photos and videos for promotion and dissemination of the event, as well as the use of his data exclusively for the Foix Classic to send him information.

-In case of rain the test will not be suspended.

-In case of not being able to attend for personal reasons, suspension or postponement of the test due to force majeure, the registration money will not be returned, the participant’s gifts (to whom he requests) will be sent by mail. In case of postponement, the registration would be reserved for the new date.