They have been with us

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They have been with us cycling

-In the 2022 Edition we were accompanied by two very great greats, Abraham Olano and Joan Llaneras, two world champions in time trial and on the track.

-In the 2021 Edition they accompanied us as guests and were honored by Ángel Arroyo professional from 1979 to 1989 (Moliner-Vereco, Zor, Reynolds, Zor and Reynolds), Marco Serpellini, junior world champion in the 1990 road test, visited us again (Lampre, Panaria, Brescialat, Gerolsteiner, Unibet)

-In the 2019 Edition they accompanied us as guests and Fernando Escartín was honored from 1990 to 2002 (Clas, Mapei, Kelme, Coast), Peio Ruiz Cabestany visited us again and Marco Serpellini, junior world champion in the junior team, was also with us road test 1990 (Lampre, Panaria, Brescialat, Gerolsteiner, Unibet)


-In the 2018 Edition they were with us as guests and honored: Peio Ruiz Cabestany (former Mg-Orbea, Kas, Once, etc …) Jordi Mariné, Ángel Ibañez, Josep Florencio, Pedro Muñoz, Rafael García (Rafalete)

–In the 2017 Edition, a tribute was paid to Pedro Muñoz, runner who played in Zor, Teka, Fagor and la Once, winner of stages in the Giro, Vuelta, Volta a Catalunya, Paris-Nice, etc … They also took the podium to homage Marta VIlajosana female professional exciter who won the stage in the Giro, Ignacio Ávila and Joan Font, world champions of adapted cycling

–In the 2016 Edition, we paid homage to Marino Lejarreta next to his brother from Ismael who traveled the route through El Penedès with his Olmo bicycles of the time. Winner of the Vuelta a España of the 82 with 5 stages, 2 in the Giro and 1 in the Tour.

–In the 2015 Edition was honored the great Pedro Delgado, 30 years of his victory in the general Vuelta a España with the MG-Orbea team. He was doing the long route with all of us.

–In the 2014 Edition the beloved and charismatic Jaume Mir was honored, he was with us the most famous assistant in the world of cycling, we have him always in mind, behind the famous cyclist, from Merck to Contador, helping in the arrivals, he has worked in teams such as KAS, Ferrys, BIC, Super Ser, Filomatic, Teka, Festina, Seur and Andalucía-Caja Granada.
With his 84 years he has made 51 Vueltas to Spain, 26 Tours, 14 Giros, 7 Vueltas to Portugal and all the small and long races that there are in the international calendar.
We all made a great recognition to Taxi Key.

They were present with us Angel Edo, Pepe Recio, Celestino Prieto, Jose Maria Caroz, Enrique Aja, Joan Llaneras, Jaume Vilamajó, Pedro Torres, Gilles Sanders, López Gonzalvo.

-In the 2013 Edition, on May 19, upon arrival, a touching tribute was made to two exceptional cyclists that were active in the 50-60 years. In Miquel Poblet (Rest in peace) and Vicenç Iturat (Rest in peace), Iturat with his 84 years and Poblet died on Saturday, April 6, 2013.
He collected the trophy homage to his nephew, Poblet and Iturat himself in person.